7 Best Practices To Protect Your Teeth

Best Practices To Protect Your Teeth

Our smile depicts our entire nature to the one we smile in front of. Like any other thing, the smile is also an important part of every one of us. Those pearl white teeth add to the beauty of a smile. However, most of us find it intimidating to take care of our teeth. This can ruin the entire purpose of mouth, but us even noticing the same.

But once you are here to read this article, it is clear that you now want to change yourself for a cause. The one in which you can get your charming smile back, which is lost because of the dirty teeth which have a lot of plaque on them.

Give this article a brief look to see what you can do to get the work done. You will not have to break the bank for the purpose, something most people out there worry about.

Brush Your Teeth Enough

Brush your teeth enough

Enough means enough. Not under-brushing and definitely not over-brushing. Extreme of even a good thing can cause some issues in the longer run. You don’t want that to happen, especially with your teeth and ultimately the mouth. Brushing enough number of times can prevent tooth decay and extend the period for dental implants.

Use Mint After A Meal

Use Mint after a meal

Something from whatever we eat gets stuck to our teeth. This grows up plaque on them; if not cleaned properly. The bacterium in the plaque forms an acid, which can harm the enamel and eventually cause cavities. Teeth whitening become an unachievable dream in that case. To prevent this from happening, chew a chewing gum after having a meal.

Eat Good Food

Eat good food

Believe it or not, there are certain food items that are not good for dental health. You must avoid all those items as much as possible. After all, a healthy body is a happy body. While there are some food items that affect the teeth, some help in their nourishment as well. Fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, sugar-free gum are some of the tooth-healthy foods.

Tap Water Is Good For Teeth

Tap Water is good for teeth

A lot of cities have added fluoride to the water that is being supplied all across the city. Fluoride in water is a good prevention for tooth decay. Not only does it remineralize the teeth, but the production of saliva increases with consumption of water as well. Saliva rinses away the harmful bacteria, and also helps in the digestion of food we eat.

Consider Using Mouthwash


A mouthwash with fluoride in it is nothing but an addition to the prevention of tooth decay. Tooth decay is a serious problem, and it can lead to several other gum problems over the time. To keep yourself away from the teeth problems, even when you grow up, make sure you use it twice a day, after brushing your teeth. If you have a family dental history, make sure you practice as many remedial procedures as you can.

Don’t Consume Soda

Don’t consume Soda

As they say ‘Sip all day, get decay.’ It is a Minnesota’s Dental Association’s campaign to warn people against the harmful effects of soft drinks. Not just the sugar soda, but soda in any form has the potential to harm your teeth. It is simply the acid in soda which is the villain for your teeth. Once the acid has attacked the enamel, cavities and stains cannot be avoided.

Floss Your Teeth

Floss your teeth

Flossing the teeth is indeed difficult, especially for adults who have been living with arthritis. But if it were easy, anybody would it. The real challenge is to do what takes a lot of effort to be done. Rather than ignoring it, consider purchasing the ready-to-use dental flossers. You can get them from any medical store in your area.

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  • Best Practices To Protect Your Teeth

    7 Best Practices To Protect Your Teeth

    Our smile depicts our entire nature to the one we smile in front of. Like any other thing, the smile is ...
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