An Aspiring Engineer? Here’s X Highest Paying Fields You Need To Look!

An aspiring engineer? Here's x highest paying fields you need to look!

When we are going to school and we choose our various careers, we are guided by a few things. For instance, some want to choose a career path because they are passionate about it while others want it for the money. For engineering, there is an average starting salary of 58,000 USD. The pay, however, varies in the industry depending on what type of engineer one. Some pay according to the institution one studied at. For instance, graduates from prestigious universities are likely to be paid more than other graduates. So which are some of the highest paying jobs in the engineering field?

Petroleum Engineers

These are considered the highest paid engineers in the industry. The average pay for this engineer is approximately 90,000 USD. This is 30,000 USD more than all other engineers. The industry is constantly growing hence the job outlook in this field is very promising.

Mining Engineer

Engineers who construct mines and discover minerals are experts in this field. The industry of mining engineering is not highly saturated. In fact, the field does not have a lot of majors but those who eventually earn that degree take a huge figure back home. The average starting salary is approximately 70,000 USD. There are however other students make a slightly higher amount depending on the university they come from.

Marine Engineering

Although not as common as other disciplines in the engineering divide, it is a well-paying job. The job growth rate is increasing year in year out and this looks good for the engineers in this field. The average salary for marine engineering is approximately 69,000 USD.

Systems Engineering

If you are fascinated by spacecraft then this is the field for you. Engineers in this field deal with the construction of spacecraft and robotics. These engineers make an average of 66,000 USD a year. It is a very fascinating industry as you get to design some complex systems.

Metallurgical Engineering

Metallic elements contain alloys and other chemical components in them. Engineers in this field study these chemical components. Although high paying, this industry is lacking. With about 170 graduates every year, the market really needs more graduates. The entry salary for a metallurgical engineer is approximately 64,000 USD and this rises 97,000 USD mid-career. It is, therefore, one of the highest paying jobs and the market is not saturated.

Nuclear Engineering

The job growth rate for this industry is slow at 4%. This could be attributed to the fact that it produces a lot of graduates. The employment opportunities are also a bit fewer compared to other engineering fields. The starting salary for a nuclear engineer is approximately 65,000 USD and grows up to 107,000 USD mid-career.

Chemical Engineering

This is one of the most popular fields in the engineering field. With over 10,000 graduates every year, the job market is usually highly saturated. The entry salary is approximately 64,000 USD every year and it goes up to 109,000 USD mid-career. This salary is however not definite as the university one attended is also a major player in the determination of salary and other benefits. Students who have graduated from Yale and Columbia University earn a little bit more compared to graduates from other universities.

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