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Don’t Keep These Things After Fire, Simply Replace Them!

house fire

Fires are disastrous and can cause damages. While after fires, many things come on track, one of the trickiest things about recovering from them is deciding what you must throw and what you should salvage.

Well, it’s heartbreaking to discard things that have attached sentimental values. It also feels wasting money to dump food that was exposed to smoke. However, having new things and restocking your pantry is worth avoiding health issues and having contaminated food!

So, here’s the list of things that should be in a bin:

Food Exposed To Fire:

Food safety, after fires, is one of the most important concerns. Discard everything that is exposed to the air and is opened. Also throw things that are stored in cardboard, plastic bags or cloths as it might have the odor that can affect your health.

Sealed food or the one in the can is okay, and you can keep them. But if these items were too close to fires, they might be of no use as heat evokes bacteria and can make food taste awful. Toxic fumes and the things eatables placed near the stove can be harmful. Also, recheck cans and sealed jars as the heat can create undesirable odor and taste to it.


Burned carpets and mats are hard to clean and cover. Throw them if they are not in the state to get repaired and cleaned. While you can cut burned edges and install new sections, they won’t look the same as old carpet. Also, if they are highly burned, the smell can bring bacteria in the room. Although the color might be slightly faded, if it’s in good condition, you can keep them!

Medicines And Cosmetics:

Check your makeup bags and medicines thoroughly after fires. Check, if there are signs of soot, heat, dust or other damages. If you find anything being slightly caught by heat, throw it right away. Medicines can also absorb contaminants like other packed foods, so dispose of them after the fire. Safely dispose of them so that nobody can misuse them.

Glass Accessories:

Heat can make the glass weak and can break them quickly. So, even if the glass appears clean and intact, it might shatter at once. So, be careful! Let the fire restoration services in Montrose come and examine. Don’t close windows, as the glass can break once the pane impacts the window frames.


If the flame has reached to insulation replace them, as the hidden spark can smoke for many hours, which can ignite another fire.  So, remove the entire insulation section and install new one. Immediate fire cleaning is very important, don’t overlook it!

Electrical Wirings:

Damaged wires might have hidden faults that can be dangerous if overlooked. Moreover, they can ignite fire or shock, so after fire, inspects your wiring. Make sure there are no melted or damaged areas. Even if the wire is slightly scorched, change it or get it repaired.

Burned Clothes:

Beddings, clothes and other textile fabrics can be reused after fires, but that too with proper cleaning and disinfecting. But if anything related to fabric is burnt, throw it! These burned cloths can have an awful smell that can hamper your lungs and respiratory system. Be extra cautious with kid’s clothes and beddings. If there’s a little odor that can be removed, follow these steps to wash it:

  • Mix 4-5 teaspoon of trisodium phosphate and 1 cup bleach in a gallon of water
  • Stir the mixture and pour it to your clothes
  • Rinse the clothes with clean water and let them dry

Structural Door Framings:

If door framings or any wood framing is damaged, replace it! Any piece of wood that has been burnt is now weak and should be preserved with cautions.

So, those were some of the things that need extra judgment before keeping them in the home after fires. Although throwing them will hurt, keeping them can put grave effects on your health!

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