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Foodie Heavens On This World: Top Cities

Foodie Heavens On This World

A real foodie is always a true travel because cravings will make you the roads less taken far better than any other thing.

Yes, the desire to see new lands and explore new cultures is also very pursuing but not more than cravings for delicious food.

To keep the foodies updated on the latest travelling trends and to open new gates of deliciousness, we decided to make a list of foodie heavens.

Let’s read then, which cites are the best in this world judging by their food, things actually what any cheap travel agents won’t tell you.

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese love their food, and so does everyone else. Land of sushi is famous for the fishy dish and majority of the tourists who visit Tokyo goes there in search of sushi.

However, Tokyo’s cuisine is a lot more than sushi, its grilled fish is also exceedingly tasty, and locals love it more than sushi.

Yes, it is that famous. Their secret is to grill the fish so fast that all the good stuff doesn’t get a chance to squirt out.

Japanese people use particular kind of charcoal for grilling which cooks everything with immense ease in no time.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is the mafia of street food and anyone who claims to be a food lover most, visit the place at least once in his/ her life.

The overpopulated city was just a fishing village, not more than 500 years ago. The city is now India’s most prosperous city and where rags come to be riches.

The city is filthy famous for their economic street food and Bollywood. Eminent dishes of the city are Vadda pav and Batata vada.

Vada pav is an Indian version of a burger. It is good old bread bun stuffed with a potato patty; it is served with chutneys and fried-salted green chillies.

vada pav

Batata Vada is chickpea-coated fritters of potato. For people with sweet tooth, Falooda of the city is also very tasty.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Whosoever like to experiment with their food and can eat various types of food, will fall in love with Honolulu on any day of the year.

Hawaii cuisine is the most colourful, due to a large number of migrants settling in the area. It is paradise for seafood lovers.

Two favourite food of the area is made out from Tuna and octopus. Poke, the raw fish salads are also well-liked in these parts of the world.

What burger is to America, Poke is to Honolulu. The streets are highways are filled with food trucks which are booming industry in Hawaii. Try their shrimps also, they are amazing.

Jaw dropped, water everywhere? Call any cruise travel agency and book a ticket to Hawaii now!

Hanoi, Vietnam

Place with mysterious food, Hanoi. The city factually itself is extraordinary, which it passes on into its food too.

The food of Hanoi is light as you eat, but it is still jovial. This city can be called a replica of Mumbai; it is very crowded.

We would suggest you to leave your car at the hotel and explore the city on foot. Pho is the evergreen dish of this place which is basically rice noodles soup served with either beef or vegetables.

Happy Eating!

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  • Foodie Heavens On This World
    Food Travel

    Foodie Heavens On This World: Top Cities

    A real foodie is always a true travel because cravings will make you the roads less taken far better than any ...
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