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Log Cabins – 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Log Cabins Facts

Life these days has become quite an easy deal. It was not that convenient back in the days. You would only have running water if there’s a river nearby, open fire was the oven those days and house; it was simply made from the rough wooden logs. There was nothing like concrete or bricks in the history.

The log homes today can be built with as much convenience as a modern home. On the internet, just look for a seller who offers to sell the log cabin kits. Book one for yourself and you are almost done. Back in the day, it was a chore, but now, it is a rustic charm.

There is so much about these beautiful log homes that most people do not know. Once you read this entire article, you will be one of those few people who know how we got our log homes to this phase.

Let us fly a chopper and circle around the facts that you should know about these beautiful structures.


When talking about anything, just anything, we must start from its roots. There’s a disappointment because the origin of log homes is uncertain and a matter of debate. It is, however, believed that it was first built in Northern Europe during the Bronze Age, which is about 5000 years back. A Roman Architect; Marcus Vitruvius Pollio in his book: De architectura had described the construction of homes using logs.

Log Home Origin

Oldest Log Structure

In 1976, the American administration mentioned Nothnagle Cabin on National Register of Historic Places. The structure was built by some Finnish settlers in between 1638 and 1643. It is located in Greenwich Township, New Jersey. It was originally used to butcher meat and make dairy products.

oldest log structure

Largest Log Home In The World

Apart from being the largest, Granot Loma is also considered as the most expensive residence in Michigan. For use as a summer residence, the construction of this masterpiece began back in 1919 by the then famous businessman Louis Graveraet Kaufman. It is a 26,000 square-foot structure with 5,000 acres of surrounding woodlands. Kaufman had a vital role in founding the renowned General Motors, where he worked for about 20 long years. Even in those days, Granot Loma took more than $5Million to get built.

largest log home in the world

Energy Efficiency Of Log Cabins

When it comes to the comparison between log homes and conventional homes, the former ones are much more energy efficient. The experts say that this efficiency can be achieved only when the logs are joined properly, and then the log chinking is done, which provides insulation to the cabin. Since they are built from naturally occurring materials, one can simply say that they are more environmental friendly. If in case someone needs to deconstruct the log home, the parts can be reused as well.

Energy Efficiency of Log Cabins

Breakfast Syrup

The name ‘Log Cabin’ has been used to brand a product as well. Log Cabin Breakfast Syrup was named after the former American President Abraham Lincoln. It was meant to honor him, as he grew up in a log home in Kentucky. It has become a very popular breakfast item throughout the United States of America.

Breakfast Syrup

Final Words

Log Cabins represent hard work and patriotism in the US. Several American Presidents were either born or have lived in a log cabin or home. It had become a political icon when William Henry Harrison used one of them for the presidential election campaign to show America that he was a man of the people. Ralph Lauren has a stunning log home in Colorado which is spread across 1500-1600 acres.

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